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Greenhouse of Oddities - Digital PDF Cross Stitch Pattern

Greenhouse of Oddities - Digital PDF Cross Stitch Pattern

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Welcome to the "Greenhouse of Oddities"!
The stitch-along is finished, and the complete pattern is now available. Included is an index with information about the featured plants. All of the plants in the greenhouse represent real and naturally occurring flora. In this weird botanical stitching adventure, nature is stranger than fiction.

Also included is a PDF with the pattern separated into the originally released "plantings' in case you want to stitch them in the original SAL order:
- Greenhouse frame. This section is mostly structural and will establish the framework for the scene.
- 1st planting: The Desert Dwellers
- 2nd planting: A Trio of Oddities
- 3rd planting: The Artist
- 4th planting: The Carnivores
- 5th planting: The Parasite
- 6th planting: Deadly Beauties, Part 1
- 7th planting: Deadly Beauties, Part 2
- 8th planting: The Big Stinker
- 9th planting: The Scientist and the Dancing Plants
- 10th planting: The Stuff of Legends
- 11th planting: The Exploding Tree
The skill level of this stitch-along is advanced beginner/intermediate. There is some color grading and a small amount of back stitching.

Suggested fabrics:
“Cottage Stone” linen or Aida by Colour and Cotton (limited availablility)
“Pearl Gray” linen or Aida by Zweigart
“Vintage Country Mocha” linen or Aida by Zweigart

The piece will look best stitched on a light/medium gray, beige or light greenish blue.

The finished design is 218 x 160 stitches.

14 ct: 15.6 x 11.4 inches, 39.6 x 29.0 cm
16 ct: 13.6 x 10 inches, 34.6 x 25.4 cm
18 ct: 12.1 x 8.9 inches, 30.8 x 22.6 cm

30 DMC colors used (one skein or less, unless otherwise specified):

DMC 154, DMC 310 (3.5 skeins), DMC 326, DMC 335, DMC 451, DMC 452, DMC 453, DMC 645, DMC 720, DMC 782, DMC 838, DMC 839, DMC 840, DMC 844, DMC 919, DMC 935, DMC 986, DMC 987, DMC 988, DMC 3326, DMC 3348, DMC 3362, DMC 3364, DMC 3371, DMC 3808, DMC 3810, DMC 3820, DMC 3835, DMC 3857, DMC Blanc.

PDF pattern file will include the following pages:

- Sample picture of the finished piece
- Instructions and details including colors and amounts of thread needed
- Pattern on a single page for use with phones/tablets
- Pattern with black and white symbols on multiple pages (large format)
- Pattern with color block and symbols on multiple pages (large format)
- Separate PDF file optimized for import into pattern keeper

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